The Beginning

A while ago I put out a post asking for volunteers.  The basis was my curiosity in who was reading my blog.  That and the wish to connect with fellow riders from around the globe – the need to know their stories.  This was based on my personal realization that, as riders, we are a pretty unique breed.  Regardless of what kind of rider (weekend, hard, commuter), or where we ride across this Earth of ours, it all boils down to one thing – we love to ride.  We can try and put our feelings into words, or visuals, but each of those mediums sorely lacks the true essence of how we feel.  Some of us ride for a short time for financial reasons, or health reasons, or just lose interest.  But when it all comes down to ‘brass tacks’ – in that one moment in time…. that one split second in our day…. that one single breath of our existence – we are all one and know what the other feels like —– and we know why we love riding.

Rather a long winded explanation, I know.  A few brave souls have shared their stories and answered the questionnaire I sent out.  I want to thank every single one of you!

Without further adieu – Inquiring Marg – a new section of this blog – will be opening on February 8th.  Those brave volunteers answered the following list of questions:

When did you start riding?

What was your first bike?

What do you ride now?

What is your favourite ride route?

What is your favourite smell while riding?

If you could ride with anyone (alive or dead), who would it be?

What kind of invention would you like to see for motorcycling?

What is your idea of a perfect ride?

What do you think of the new ebike technology?

How could you see motorcycling going ‘greener’?

Did you ever have a nearly religious experience while riding?

Where would you like to ride if money/distance was no barrier?

Who is your motorcycle hero?

Does riding get better with age?

How long do you intend to ride for?


For those people who did not take the opportunity before – but wish to now – just answer those questions in a private message to me.  We don’t have to use your real name. The one stipulation is that I would like a picture of you for your entry.  If that photo happens to be one of you in full gear or face hidden – that’s fine with me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Inquiring Marg





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