“Itchy” songs


Are you like me that, when you hear a certain song you can’t help but picture yourself on a bike?  They give you that itch to get moving and out on the road?

I used to think that I had a music “type” that I listened to.  Then I discovered, when I was on the bike I listened to a wide variety of music – hard rock, rock opera, folk, classics.  

With the weather warning up and the snow line moving higher and higher in the surrounding mountains, this means riding season is getting closer and closer. It also means I get more “ear worms” – aka songs that stick in my head and won’t come out. 

This mornings ear worm was a particular song based on lyrics.   

Enter Lobo: Me and You and a Dog named Boo

…… and a picture of my dog Boo.  😉 (now you know why the lyrics struck a cord with me). 


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