The First Day of Spring

On the first day of Spring on the West Coast of Canada (aka the wet coast when you live in a rainforest) it can either go one of two ways. You can either get a bright gorgeous sunny day ….. Or a day reminding you that you do, in fact, live in a rainforest.  That being said, sometimes a person has the opportunity to do a quick trip around the valley to explore.  Avoiding the mountain passes into and out of the valley is usually a good plan in this weather. Rain down here means snow up there.  

Without further adieu-

A trail through the woods.   
A hidden waterfall by the side of the road.  
A picture of the Inlet. Notice there is no snow line?  Yes! It will soon be time to venture over the mountain passes East and West! 
A picture of the mountain we have watching over us in our valley. 


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