For the love of two wheels


We all love our bikes and although I ride a cruiser, I can see how those who ride the enduro style of bike or the sport or even deckers can love their machines. 

A recent conversation with a sporty rider was really enlightening. I had taken a quick spin out to a favourite rest stop of mine and just gotten off my cruiser when a sporty pulled up and parked.  A gorgeous little red honey of a thing that showed loving care.  As I passed by on my way to the picnic tables for a seat, I did my usual eye-contact-smile and “nice day for a ride!” (because really any day on a bike is a nice day) and “nice bike.”  The look of surprise on the riders face said it all. After a beat, he replied “Do you really think so?” with more than just a bit of skepticism and an edge in his voice.

“Well of course I do. That’s a nice bike .  It’s a —— isn’t it?  How many cc’s?”  From there we struck up a conversation.  The sporty rider was honestly taken aback that a leather clad cruiser rider would even stop to talk.  He was very animated about the roads he’d ridden and where he planned to go and recent trips.  He was very obvious about his pride in and love of his machine.

I couldn’t help myself when I asked him if he’d run into problems before. Unfortunately his response was an affirmative – and mostly with women riders.  To make a long story short – I ended our conversation with the comment “I don’t care what you ride, as long as you ride, man.” We shook hands and parted ways.

Yes, I’m a cruiser rider. Due to physical restrictions, a sporty or enduro just won’t cut it for me.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a sweet looking machine when I walk by and that doesn’t stop me from casting an envious eye over at a sporty in the next lane when I pull up at a light as I’m in my car – because they are on a bike and I’m not.

This is something akin to looking through the classic car shows that happen in towns and cities all around the country during the summer months. I stop to look at some of the vehicles and admire the craftsmanship and the time and labour it took to refurbish or rebuild some of them.  The love that is showered on them is apparent in every little details.  Yes, I can look at something – appreciate it without the massive urge to buy it or to bring it home.  I have that kind of willpower. (I’m sure my husband is very relieved with this statement)

In the end, it’s the love of traveling on two wheels that brings us all together. It’s a shame sometimes when some riders forget that concept and give the rest of us a bad rep.

And now my readers, it’s your turn to weigh in. Any thoughts? Feedback?


  1. Well said! I’ve never understood the whole motorcycle better than thou mentality. I wave at everyone on a motorcycle…even the little moped guys. Two meals move the soul and it doesn’t really matter what your flavor of those two wheels are!

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  2. One thing I found on our recent vacation was that as soon as someone picked that you were out of state the conversation came easy.

    Sometimes brief sometimes, long winded but always interesting, and it didn’t matter if they were on sports bikes, Harley’s or Spiders

    Closer to home this wasn’t as common. Maybe because we were “locals”

    Great post


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