A Blast

Tonight was a bit of a quickie ride to get some miles on the bike before the rain set in.  Don’t get me wrong. I love rain. Especially the smell after a rain or when it’s been a dry spell.  I just don’t like it when I’m riding. Lucky for me – I was able to get some mileage on before the dump. 

I left work early and headed up the Inland Island Hwy to pick up a parcel at Buckley Bay.  A bit of a ride at best – and this time we had a deadline.  I had to reach the landing before 6.  Robert and I blasted up the Slab,got there in enough time to pick  up some fresh seafood for supper – Robert got salmon pepperoni, candied salmon and a salmon roll (much like a sausage roll but with spiced salmon inside) and I picked up salmon pepperoni and 2 salmon rolls. From there we rode back down Vancouver Island on the old island hwy and met up with a friend at the Beach Hut.  We ate our salmon rolls on the beach watching the paddle boarders and kayakers then jumped on the bikes and headed for home.  

The rain decided to catch up with us half way over the pass and we had a short little sprinkle. Luckily it held off until I got home.  All in all a good short ride. 

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