The A promo!

I’m suitably impressed.   I very seldom promote anything because I don’t want to step on the slippery slope that some websites have fallen into whereby they end up just being a place for generating income. This will never be that place!

All that aside, I can now see what all the fuss is about when riders talk about  A genuinely welcoming and laid back place.  Home away from home if you’re on a motorcycle trip and camping is your thing (or they have cabin type sleeping arrangements – or bus options 😉). Affordable with all the amenities or proximity to them. It’s a must stay!   I’ve run into too many other campers who have stayed here and said “Was only going to be there one night – ended up staying 3 (or more)”.    

This is a motorcycle campground.   As opposed to a motorcycle friendly campground. I was a bit skeptical as I had heard that it was a party place – and I am sure that depending on the group staying here it could be – but I found it peaceful and clean. The washrooms and showers were clean and well maintained. Firewood stocked with water pails available.  

Can’t say enough good about the place. You deserve to go see it!  Reservations not essential. 

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