Fall is upon us

Fall has come to the Pacific North West coast of Canada. 

Most of the world think of Canada as a land of ice and snow when actually, for my part of that continent, it couldn’t be further from the truth. My part has moderate temperatures and the majority of winter entails rain.  Some days it monsoons.  Some days it sprinkles,but usual winter attire involves throwing on a raincoat and a pair of waterproof boots and ‘way we go.  We do get snow – spuradic and perhaps a week in total – but the rains usually make short work of it.  

It does make for year round riding though and the colours of fall coupled with the smell of woodsmoke as people begin to start up their wood fireplaces as the mercury dips down are just two of the things we experience here. 

During this weekend, we celebrate Thanksgiving.  When friends and family gather together and share a meal – and in some cases share a ride on a long weekend.  The perfect end to most riders season. 


See you on the road!

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