Canada is…..

As some of my readers have gathered ~ I’m Canadian. And if some of you have followed my blog for a while you know that when I go on a trip, I like to put on lots of distance. 

In a past blog I mentioned about a young German couple we helped in the parking lot. During the “passing the time” conversation, the topic turned to what to do, where to visit etc. And eventually distances. When this couple mentioned about 100km was a great distance to them, my response was “400km is a good start”. They were stunned. Then I realized – as a Canadian distance really isn’t a really big deal to me. 2 hours 200+km to go for coffee?!?  Sure let’s go. 

So in that vein, here are some facts about Canada:

Area: 9.985 million km2 making us the worlds second largest country by total area. 

Founded: July 1, 1867

Population: 35.16 million

Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau

Anthem: Oh. Canada

Divisions: 10 provinces and three territories

Official Languages: English, French

In other words, next year in 2017 we are 150 years old. We are planning a really big party at “The Big House” (aka Parliament Hill). Come visit! My plan is to be there. 

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