Changing Times

The other day I was sitting with Hubby and talking about – wouldn’t you know it – motorcycles.  But more specifically, the rides we used to do.  The conversation was triggered by my backing up all my photos.  And the numerous photos I had come across documenting some of our earlier rides and the people we rode with.  I’ve only been riding for a little over 10 years while Hubby has been riding longer than that.  The summary of the conversation centered around how, like our rides, things have changed and evolved.  We used to be satisfied with ‘coffee rides’.  Then our horizons opened up and we started taking longer and longer rides.  Now, if we put in 200-300km – that’s a good start.

As with the evolution of our changing riding styles – our companions have evolved as well.  As we look around with the people we ride with, those who we used to ride with ‘back when’ are no longer around.  Either because of aging and different physical ailments, or finances, or family/work/life obligations our companions that we started riding with no longer throw a leg over anymore.

I can only hope/pray that I have at least 20 more years of riding in me (that will put me in my 70s).  One thing is for sure – I cannot see myself not riding.  For as long as I shall live.



~Travel safe.  Ride Well~

Song of the Day:  Kid Rock – Born Free


One thought on “Changing Times

  1. I hear that. I for one want tonride as long as possible.

    Ailments be damned. Strap me to the bike if need be but don’t tell me a can’t ride.


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