Winter Tales

Winter in Canada is a motorcyclist dream. What’s that you say? I can’t ride because of snow?   ‘Course I can’t ride – but I can sit on the couch, nestled into a pile of blankets, maps and a calculator and plan for spring.  

Spring in my part of the country traditionally arrives in the middle of March.  The rains wash away all the smaller bits of gravel and road crap but you still have to be on the lookout for all the other larger bits of crap that winter has saved up for you on the roadside.  
April tends to be mild with some random nicer days near the end of the month. May is the real kick off. It, unfortunately, is accompanied with hit and miss weather. On the flip side the road crews have been out and cleaned up all the crud on the sides/corners of the road and it’s still too early for tourist traffic. That means plenty of time to hit the twistees without have to to worry about camper/tourist traffic that traditionally makes winding roads hell for motorcyclists.  

Also, this time of year is traditionally when the motorcycle shows start happening. This year the Vancouver show will be taking place on the Jan 20-23 weekend.  Lots of opportunity to replace worn gear, check out the new bikes and meet up with old/new friends before the full swing of the season. 

So …. I’m back from my small hiatus and starting the countdown.  Are you ready for this?  Before you know it these 12 weeks will be going fast. 

I can hear it calling already.   Can you?

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