What do you want in a blog?

The title pretty much says it all. For the last little while I’ve been going through my blog and either updating it, or changing it in some way, shape or form and I’ll have to be honest with you – I was getting a bit discouraged because I wasn’t getting a lot of followers. I was seeing other blogs that had thousands of followers and I was wondering after a while what I was doing wrong.

I started going back through this blog and examining what my posts were, as well as the way the posts were being formatted, as well as the frequency of the posts. In fact I started examining everything -and maybe that was a good thing.
I had to return to why I wanted to blog in the first place. I kind of think actually that is where I was meant to be. The reason why I wanted to blog in the first place was to connect with other riders. Yes, I don’t have thousands of followers. In fact I count myself very lucky to have over 250 followers. I am not selling anything on this blog – Never have and never will sell anything on this blog. The sole purpose is to connect with riders from around the world , around North America, and even around Vancouver Island.  

I guess it all has to do with going back to basics. And that is the perfect point for the start of the riding season in Canada.
See you on the road.  Ride safe, travel well my fair readers. 

And don’t forget to wave when you see me. I like to know that when I throw my voice out into the void of the Internet that at least one person out there hears me 

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  1. Loud and clear on this end. Attracting followers it tough, attracting interaction is even tougher. I’ve been at this for 3 years now and I still only have 205 followers. I have also taken to Instagram (among other places) to “connect”, and to some degree expand the footprint of the blog. Not sure it that’s already on your radar, but it’s worth a shot!


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