Snow snow and more snow

You are probably unaware that, although I live in Canada – my part of Canad does not get the amounts of snow or colder temperatures as the rest of the country. 

Until this year….. over the past weeks, my coastal part of the province has had record breaking snow dumps and although it hasn’t been bitterly cold, the snow just keeps on coming. 

It’s at these times one finds the idiosyncrasies of being Canadian come out.  I haven’t seen a news item like this in a while (this is not the first I’ve seen) but it is something essentially Canadian

A bit strange to see a zamboni on the road. I usually only see them at the hockey games or in the Timmies* Drive thru. 
*Timmies is a familiar local Canadian term for Tim Hortons.  Example: “Lets go to Timmies and get a double-double”.  Translation: “Lets go to Tim Hortons and get a coffee with two creams and two sugars”. 

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