The snow eater

In many different parts of the country this time of year is subject to varying degrees of weather. Some are still battling winter storms, and others are starting to see changes. 

Enter the ‘Snow Eater’.  In southern Alberta these types of sudden weather changes are usually accompanied by a Chinook. Whereas in our part of the country strong warm winds and sometimes torrential rains do their part. 

As demonstrated in the picture above, the image on the left was taken on Sunday, February 12.  The image on the right was taken on Friday, February 17.  That is correct.  In 5 days, over three feet of snow in our front yard has melted

What does that mean?  

It means the countdown is back on!

In as little as two weeks I’ll be looking at insuring the motorcycle and putting it back on the road! 

I’m excited!   

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