Look to the hills

Just when you think it’s okay to start your spring/summer preparation, along comes that last couple of blasts to remind you “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?  This IS Canada, ya’ know!”  Then it hits with another blast of snow.  Seriously, this has been one of the worst winters we have had here on the coast for a long time.  Usually we can guarantee that by the middle of March we have had a couple of good rides under our belt.  A few brief forays out of the valley – over the snow line and back down into the warmer temperatures.  Then a little voice reminds me that every year since I’ve started riding, I have been caught in a ‘freak’ snow storm in April.  That is with the exception to last year where I really didn’t do half the amount of riding i wanted/needed to do.  

What is with the picture of the mountain you ask?  That is the picture of the mountain overlooking my valley.  Notice the snow line is quite far down the slopes?  That is one indication that Ol’ Man Winter is not done with me yet.  

Curses.  Foiled again!  Until then – we just move the countdown until license time back another week.  March 11 is looking like the date.  Sigh.  It just keeps getting further and further away.

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