For the short shi….. um er … persons.  Yeah. That’s it. 

Hello all.   It’s 5:30 am on a Good Friday morning.  I got woken up by a call from work so I ended up doing my usual –can’t go back to sleep yet…. so let’s read about motorcycle things.  

For those of you who don’t know it, I will be blunt.  I’m short.  I mean I’m short.  5′ 2″ to be exact with a 27″ inseam. That really affects what type of motorcycle I can ride depending on if I want to touch the ground. I have had taller bikes that I have been able to modify – namely a 2009 HD electaglide classic.  As well as ones I wasn’t able to modify – a Kawasaki 454ltd.   

The point I’m getting at?  Although there are bikes out there I absolutely salivate over – there is no hope that I am going to get one because of the seat height.  So when I read articles about the options for short ….people like me – I love to share.  

Without further adieu:

Rides for short people.
Hope the Easter Bunny gives you lots of chocolate.  

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