Only 22 more days.  I could not believe my eyes when I was looking at the calendar this morning and realized how close things were!  

Here I was thinking I’d have “…..plenty of time….” only to look at the calendar and realize in 22 days I will be flying out. I realize I am only going to the middle of the country but when you factor in arranging for the dog, getting the house ready for the house sitter, getting the business ready for a prolonged absence, finalizing arramgements for cargoing the motorcycle and the service it needs when it gets there…….. suddenly it doesn’t seem to be any time left. 

I’m excited/apprehensive/flustered/rushed and everything in between. I keep wondering what I’m going to forget along the way. 

Also, as part of the trip I will have the opportunity to product test a piece of gear called the Lauren Bag by moto chic gear.   I have a week to put it through its paces!  It’s going to be a blast!!   On top of that – if I get enough ‘likes’ I have a chance of winning said bag.  All part of the adventure!   

Anyways – onwards and upwards

Keep the shiny side up, fellow roadies. 

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