We Are Anonymous

Have you ever noticed when reading the blogs of other riders how, although we are so ready to share our love of riding and our favourite (yes I spelled that correctly) roads – we are so hesitant to share what we look like?  

I mean really – count how many blogs you read where fellow riders display a picture of themselves in a helmet (displaying only the helmet) or in full riding gear only showing their gear/bike/helmet.  What’s with that anyway s?

I mentioned this to a friend of mine whose immediate response was “well?!?!? You tell me why YOU don’t put yourself out there, Marg?”  Ha! Touché!  I often wondered why but only by turning inward did I realize that by not showing my face, I was hoping to connect with riders.  Not specific riders.  Not just female riders.  Not just female riders over 50.  Not just female riders over 50 who live in small urban areas in Canada.  Etc etc.  I could drill it down ad nauseom. Would it matter?  The point is – when we riders take to the net, we hope to connect with fellow riders.  Those other people out there who get excited when they hear the sound of a set of pipes.  Those who, when they see a bike ride by – regardless of what they ride – get jealous because they, themselves aren’t out there as well.

So I guess my point is – regardless of what you ride, or where you are from,take the time to reach out to fellow riders around the globe.  You are not alone  and there are other motorcycle freaks (in a good way) who embrace the world of two wheels and want to connect with others of the same passion.

And in the interim – I’m going to go out on a limb and post a picture of myself NOT in gear.  

Onward and upward.  Into a brave new world:

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