Motochic bag -part 1

As a woman rider I find there are accessories on the market that present themselves as items for women.  The disappointing thing is that most of these items are really accessories for men but produced in pink – (because we women know we all like pink right?? Insert sarcasm there) then pass the items off as women’s gear. Ugh. Excuse me while I gag. 

Recently I was given the opportunity to be a product tester for a piece of gear from Motochic. It’s called the Lauren bag. As most of my friends know, sometimes I tend to tell people exactly what I think. Often times that might not work out well.  So when I was chosen to put this bag through its paces I was sceptically excited.  I’m a hard customer to please and was expecting to be disappointed.  

The following is my customer review of the Lauren bag:

The bag – she’s here!

One of the first things I noticed was – it wasnt pink.  Developers – give yourself one point!  

And now to the rest of the ‘first impressions’….

Reflective properties of the bag.  Wow. Developers – Give yourself another point. I was under the impression the reflective panel was the smaller center section.  Not so.   

In the dark..

In the daylight 

Quality of the bag:  Sturdy. Sturdy. Sturdy. 

This section i am showing above is where the handles are stashed that turns this backpack into a fashionable tote.  

One of the most impressive things I found with the bag was its ease of access. I was originally going to post videos of different functions of the bag.  Then discovered the video files were monsterous in size.  In the process of the filming I made a delightful discovery – I was able to explore the functionality of this bag with one hand.   Major points in my book on this one.  Again.  Impressed. 

To be continued.  

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