I’m not kidding – a magnet!

Disclaimer:  When I get on my bike, I want to be in my own headspace. My riding style has continued to morph into the stage where my preference is to ride solo or with a choice few companions. I guess after 10+ years of riding with groups I am tired of the drama. Either that or I just ride with the wrong groups. This is a Facebook post about my struggle as a solo

So I’m at a pull out on the Old Island Hwy on Vancouver Island and trying to set up a shot for the motochic bag I’m product testing. I have my bike parked as far away from everyone as I can get in the parking lot trying to stage it. I’m all by myself. I have the camera on the tripod and getting it set to timer. Lo and behold, some nimweed on a spider pulls off the highway, and rides all the way up to me = within 2 feet of me trying to set up my shot and fiddling with the camera on the tripod (I have not made eyecontact with anyone). After coming to an abrupt stop, smiles, cackles and says “Nice day for a ride, eh?” That was the first instance. EVERY TIME I tried to stop and get a picture or stage a picture with the tripod some dillweed would ride up, stop within inches of the tripod and say “Nice day for a ride, huh?” or eh. shake my head. really???

Moral of the story – some of us go to our bikes to get away from people.  Not make a new friend.  Sigh. I have no idea, but for some reason when I am riding, people feel the need to approach me.  


  1. It seems to me that people are so interested in women riders, and especially solo women riders. Most of the time, it’s great fun to interact with these folks. Hope you finally got some good shots.


    • Usually I don’t mind. I like connecting with other riders. But when I’m setting up tripods and fiddling with cameras I didn’t realize I had a target on my back. First time I almost got hit because the person stopped so close to me. Second time it freaked me out. Lol


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