Ride Wish List

One of the things I like to do on my bike is travel.  Don’t we all? But more importantly I like travel ‘back’.  One of the rides that is on my wish list is Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump in southern Alberta, Canada.  I say travel back because I actually worked in that site around 1986-87 as one of the media relations crew.  Declared a UNESCO site in 1981, it was really cool place to work and during my lunch hour I’d walk out and see how things were progressing.  Nothing was more awe inspiring that walking into the main area to look up and see the diorama of the buffalo tumbling over the cliff.  Talking to the archeologists working on the site was fascinating as well.  Ultimately the program I was hired on ran its course and I had to look for other employment, but it would be interesting to go back there.  I missed being there on the grand opening when Princess Charles and Lady Diana came through.  I’m sure it would have been a sight.

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

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