Guess what??

Guess where I was today?

At long last!! On the bike!! Yay. Yippee. Insert many jumps for joy here.

Out we went late this morning. . We did a bit of a ‘shake the dust out’ ride for the first ride of the year. Nothing too strenuous because I haven’t been on the bike for 8 months. Lucky me though. This early in the tourist season there aren’t tooooo many (cough cough) big travel trailers on the road. We were, unfortunately, held at 70km/hr in a 90 zone for quite a long distance by a tourist on their way to Tofino. I do admit that I consider my little area of the island a beautiful are, but when I see 9cars and 2 motorcycles backing up behind me, I am sure I would use one of the turn outs to relieve the traffic congestion. It’s easier to admire the scenery when I’m not trying to negotiate tight twisted mountain paths, anyway.

Anyways – whatevs. I was on my bike for the first time this season. The weather was a perfect combo of overcast and cool, but not so cool that I had to put on the vest.

An auspicious start to the season never the less.

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