The short trips

Tonight we had a window of nice weather. Just a small window – it was, never the less a window. So we took it.

HB and I jumped on the bikes after supper, picked up a friend at a parking lot and headed to the ocean side for dessert.

On the east coast of Van Isle is a little place open during summer months. It’s called the Beach Hut and serves burgers, fries, shakes, hotdogs and ice cream on – you guessed it – the beach.

Just a short 45 min ride from home to the beach for over 45 flavours. Who could beat that?

Anyways. We made the break for it, got the ice cream ( I really had a tough time deciding) and relaxed while visiting with friends and ooohing and ahhhhing over a friends brand new goldwing.

I settled on mango – but the espresso looked amazing. I guess we will have to come back – soon!

We then headed back home via venison alley.

Quick blast but effective considering the weather moved in. All in all a good night.

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