G’Day All

I admit it.  It’s been a while.  A long while and a lot of stuff has gone on. I am sorry that I have been quiet.  With the beginning of the year and my recovering from surgery that took longer than I thought it would – to the end of the year and my recovering from a slip and fall that resulted in a fractured rib.

To put it bluntly – 2018 sucked the big one for me!  Not nearly the amount of riding I wanted to do.  Not nearly the time to get out and enjoy myself.  Not nearly the mental state that allowed me to enjoy life.

Here’s hoping 2019 will be different.

In the meantime – the bike, she’s plugged in  nice and snugly in the garage.  I’m being owly because I did not get my bike quota during the year.  And I just want the riding season to start again soooooooooooooon.  Can you hear the whining going on now??

Ha ha.  See you on the road.



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