Let the Game of Barnes begin….

As many of you that have followed this blog on the past might know – i have been a bit absent as of late. More a personal sabbatical. Another one. But during this time – this time – i have been out and about on the bike. And so, in the next few posts i will be bringing you up to date as to some of my adventures. As well, you will find that after much thought and discussion with myself, more selfies will be showing up.

This year has been a better year than last. 2018 saw me taking a long time to recover from abdominal surgery and also from a cracked rib from falling in the bathtub – but I’m back in the game as of now.

This year our riding is going to be taking a more easterly route because we are once again playing the Game of Barnes. Game of Barnes is a scavenger hunt which involved collecting points by completing hunts or – as they call them – missions. These missions are scattered all over western canada and include destinations in the US and Canada, as well as points for showing up in Barnes HD gear in European countries as well.

Each of the missions is completed when you follow the directions of the challenge by taking a picture of yourself at the destination or partaking in certain activities. The photos are then uploaded to the game App and points are earned. The winner with the most points, wins a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle – specifically an Iron 883


So without further adieu: the next few posts will be about us completing some of those missions.

See you on the road!

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