It’s the season

Well boys and girls – it’s been a rough go. Who else has been going more than a bit stir crazy with all this Covid no riding ‘stuff’? I for one have pretty much had it.

So low and behold – this year I’m planning a trip. It’ll be a 6 day trip with a group of women who are feisty and fearless and just plain damn fun.

So – this means I’m been prepping for the summer to come.

One of the things I’ve been doing is going through things and purging stuff that doesn’t fit anymore or that is broken. As well as replenishing things that have somehow found a way to sprout legs and walk away/hide.

One of the things i found absolutely invaluable was a motorcycle USB adapter. It comes wth a wiring harness that hooks up to your battery and converts the vest plugin to a 2 USB port. This handy little thing gets connected to the battery (the posts are long enough for a vest harness and this one as well) and extends over to my saddlebag. This allows me to charge my cellphone/camera/iPad while I’m riding. Perfect for those places where you know you won’t have an opportunity to charge your electronics overnight but you will be able to charge while riding.

In the coming blog posts I’ll be featuring some of my other inexpensive mods that have made my life easier while on 2 wheels.

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