March 19, 2022

SPOT tracker map
Gassing up prior to departure
Gassing up prior to departure

Had another great ride today. As per usual around this time of year, the day dawned foggy and chilly. Luckily there was no hard frost – that is always a hint of chilly weather during the day. It turned out much nicer than the snow that was predicted.

We left the Valley at 11am. A bit of a shock to se that ‘tourist traffic’ (bumper to bumper and 25 car long line) has already begun, which kept us at a constant 60km in an 80km zone. We stopped in on the east coast of the Island to pick up a few more riders then headed up to the north island via the ‘old highway’ aka 19A. Traffic on the old highway wasn’t too bad and the sun was shining. The only time Mother Nature had a bit of a temper jag was just before Courtenay, where a rain squall turned and we were pelted with hail. They were small little ice pellets – which still hurt at 80km/hr. Luckily i have a full windshield. No fairing meant my hands took the beating.

We headed further north to Campbell River after a quick stop at Courtenay Motor Sports, where a tasty lunch at the Ideal Cafe was in order. The Ideal is a great stop whether as a destination or as a waypoint on the way to the North Island. Good food with a 1950s decor. We are talking the melamine tabletops with metal trim – even an old fashioned milkshake machine. And yes! They give you the metal cup to finish off every once of goodness. There is a table seating area as well as the counter service where the wait staff walk into the middle of the U shaped area and serve patrons seated there. Too cool!

A quick gas up before heading back down Island and a stop at Weaver’s Leathers to try and replace riding glasses – then onward to home we go!

Left home at 11am and returned at 5:45pm Total km 312km. A good start!

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