Hello. My name is Margaret and I’m an addict.

A motorcycle addict that is.

It’s 2023. Nearing the end February in 2023 to be exact and the weather sucks. Isn’t that always the way of it? A new year with new riding plans and a new-to-me bike snuggled away safe and sound in the garage on the charger. I’ve only put 14km on her while the original owner put on just over 1700 before deciding that riding was not for her. I am extremely thankful to her decision.

The years Ride Wish List includes another Iron Butt challenge. This one is the Butt Burner – 1500miles (2414km) in 36 hours ~that is if the weather cooperates . More cheese with that wine, madam?

See what I mean? If I was a lesser woman I’d be taking this personally.

Living on an island off the coast of Canada has historically had its advantages. #1-It’s an island. How cool is that. #2– Some areas on the island ride all year ‘round. Apparently not my area. #3 – It’s a coastal rain forest and weather is very temperate. Which means that on a normal year we get lots (buckets and buckets and build an Ark) of rain with very little snow and our winter gear consists of rain gear with rubber boots. This year is proving to be an anomaly.

I guess I should count my blessings really. I mean, it’s Canada. In winter. But normally I’d be getting ready for riding season – not chomping at the bit to get on the ride watching people shovelling snow. Well, maybe a bit. Did I mention a new bike? With insurance on it! With parts waiting at the dealership to be installed? That I have to ride to in order to get them installed?

Anyways – that’s the start of my 2023 riding season. Updates in the coming days because I certainly won’t be riding in this crap. 😡

Travel safe. Ride well my friends.

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