Footprints in time.

Just this morning as I was researching a topic for a short story I was writing I came across a blog. Not really something that is unusual really. But this blog ~ was different. It was a blog amongst all other blogs where the writer shared her life and her struggles with cancer. She poured her heart out onto the gaussimer threads of the Web, connecting and reconnecting. Sending tendrils out hoping to attach to something or someone out there.

The writing was refreshing and wonderful – and painful. A woman with no family, living in a country by herself, locked in the battle of her life with only her blog and ovarian cancer as her constant companion. I couldn’t stop myself from reading every entry to the last entry. The blog chronicled her struggle with sickness and grieving the loss of everything. The last entry of this blog was in December of 2011, when she begged her Dr to let her go into surgery even though he told her she was not well enough. She begged him to let her die on his table, so much better than the alternative. There are no other entries. The blog just ends.

Like footprints in the sand. Eventually the tide comes in and the prints disappear. But before that, they represent the passing of another on the shores of life, the sands of time shifting and holding the impression of our passing until…


Courtesay of freepix
Courtesay of freepix

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