Its 18 Days and Counting


The countdown has begun and i’m getting excited. The first trip of the season is planned – May 19. The destination -Nakusp. The outcome – I GET TO SEE MY SON! I know how sappy that sounds. And you are probably getting the visual of an overprotective, interfering mother who won’t leave her son alone. Far from it. My son is 22 and undergoing an apprenticeship in the interior of BC. I have made a point of NOT being the clingy, whiney, overbearing Mom. He left in October, came home for Christmas – of which I was only allowed to come home for half of his time back at home before I got called back to work. Now it’s my turn to visit him. But also – FIRST MAJOR ROAD TRIP OF THE YEAR.

I’m hoping to put on some serious mileage this year. And with working in another city than ‘homebase’ I have discovered that spring weather sometimes doesn’t always cooperate with my wishes. Luckily I was able to score a reasonably priced rainsuit at the Vancouver Bike Show, and that has become a staple in my saddlebags at this time of year. Before – I would muddle ( or is that puddle) through if I ever came into some weather and then suffer with wet leathers for the rest of the ride, or in some cases the next day if the rain was particularly heavy.

Either way – we’ll be going through the mountains early in the season where weather is bound to make the whole thing more interesting than it needs to be. It’s all part of the adventure.

Photo Courtesay of
Photo Courtesay of

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