Morning “commute”

20130428-083250.jpgIt is mornings like this, with sun warming my bones, birds singing in the trees and blossoms bursting out in the trees that I have the urge to haul out my maps and make travel plans. The world seems to be inviting me to come explore her and all her wonders. Who am I to turn down such an invitation?
May will be Nakusp, BC. July will be a tour of the many hot springs around the province. August = who knows.


3 thoughts on “Morning “commute”

  1. August is a great time to ride. I’ll be heading to Sturgis this year come August. I’ve never ridden as far north as BC, hopefully one day I’ll get to see the beautiful sites up there.


    1. binarybiker – North America has so many wonderful roads and gorgeous places to visit, I think I’d be able to ride until the end of my days and never see the same thing twice. If you ever come up my way, let me know. I’ll volunteer as a tour guide. 🙂


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