Pre beginnings


Monday – may 20 ~Our first day has dawned clear with a touch of coastal marine fog. It promises to be a good ride once the dog is dropped off at the kennel. Our timetable is that we will drop the dog off at 8am and hopefully catch the 10:45 ferry. Lucky for us that we are traveling by bike. This assures us first on first off status on bc ferry corp.
Last night was spent packing and making sure I had remembered what I needed to. I hate the ever present pretrip feeling of “what did i forget?” which eventually turns into the “why did I pack do much?” right around the day three mark.
Because it is a long weekend in Canada we can expect heavier than normal traffic patterns but also a heavier than normal presence of RCMP. This spells an Easy on the Throttle day. Knowing traffic on the mainland – that won’t be an issue.
The weather forecast has been out and out crappy. I’m only hoping that, true to form, the weatherman is 50% wrong and we will catch a break.

11:30am ~ The ferry is actually quite full with what looks like at least 2 scout troops complete with gear on their way to the mainland for a camping trip. It’s really noisy.

2:30 Hope BC. – wtf? I have come to the conclusion that an insane asylum has emptied it’s wards. The traffic is nuts. People are acting like anals or animals. And gas stations are clusterf**ks. Yeesh
3:30 coquihalla summit.   Into the snow line we went.  Brrr it was cold.  Luckily human kind has the ingenuity to invent heated gear.  It makes all the difference when either side of the highway has heavy snowpack even in the month of march.

4:00 Merritt for a butt break
5:00 Kamloops before the rain!! Lucky lucky.


More later as we are going for supper and celebrating our anniversary.


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