Search for warmth



When traveling in all kinds of undecided weather, a motorcyclist has to be ready for anything. Experts will extoll the value of layering and in some ways they are very wise.  But sometimes wearing 3 – 4 sweaters just doesn’t make for a very comfortable ride.  Bulky, hard to move and the added bulk makes the gear uncomfortable to travel in.

Along the way I have been lucky enough to stumble on a couple of pieces of clothing that have now become a staple in my riding gear.

The newest edition was found in a little town of Nakusp at a motel/lodge called the Rotor Lodge that caters to heli skiing clients.  While meandering around the town I stumbled across the gift shop displaying my favourite word “SALE” and found this wonderful top.  A style of hoody and designed to be worn next to the skin as an insulating layer it provids lightweight insulation and warmth and can be virtually rolled in a ball almost to nothing AND can be handwashed in a sink, left to dry overnight – ready for wear the next day. For the reasonable price of $30 it was a steal.

The older staple of my wardrobe is a fitted pull over that is used under wet suits for surfers during colder months.  Black and knitted with long sleeves it keeps you warm without adding any bulk.  Another score of mine while i was meandering around a kayaking/dive shop with a friend.  It also had the word “Sale” on it.  $25 helped that piece find it’s way into my saddlebag – or shall I say onto my body.

Add these two pieces of clothing together and even in the most incliment weather and riding into the snowline yesterday on our foray from Nakusp to Kamloops and I was toasty warm with no added bulk and the prices couldn’t be beat.

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