Sunday Ride to Gold River


The day started out sunny and warm. Kick Stands Up (KSU) was just shortly after 10:30 and we headed out on the road to Gold River. The sun was shining, the roads were absolutely clear of some of the ‘pre season’ debris that includes gravel in every corner, and errant pieces of wood that have fallen from the highway trucks.

This is a gorgeous ride with a midway stop at the elk statue at Strathcona Provincial Park. This stop is approximately 40 mins from Campbell River and 52km. The first part of the road is full of twistees and turnees. Great for scraping the boards.

The next portion is a bit straighter – relatively speaking. Still, it is a road that demands your attention which can be distracted by the gorgeous views and expansive vistas along the road. In some places straight cliffs up and straight drops down are the order of the day. Although this road is well engineered and properly crowned and banked – do not make the mistake of letting your attention wander. It will bite you.

Following the signs to Gold River, the rider cames to an intersection and leans right over the Buttle Lake narrows and at the 93km mark you come to the intersection where you can either turn left to go into the town, or right, up the hill into another set of subdivisions. We chose to turn right, then right again on Donner Court as our destination was the Piper On The Ridge Pub.


We arrived shortly after noon to find that the Pub had another couple and ourselves there. Service was excellent. Food great and the view was second to none


After sufficiently stuffing our faces with good eats we headed back to Campbell River and arrived back just shy of 2:30 pm.  The weather was wonderful and with the exception of about 25 smattering drops of rain on the visor – it was perfect.

For a video of the road courtesy of VrideTV, click the link:

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