A glorious day

Saturday dawned bright and early other the obvious promise of a great day!

KSU was at 9:30 and we headed down the Inland Island Hwy (aka the slab) to Buckley Bay for a fill up before heading to Port Alberni for a fill up and lunch.

Arriving at PA we filled up and had lunch. It always amazes me that the adventures on the road produces so many stories. Some humorous. Some not so. I am referring to my bill for lunch which produced a great deal of amusement to all – myself included.

You will notice that I got charged for a seniors smorgasbord at a Chinese restaurant. ~~~ I’m only 50 ~~~~. Lol. But then this is the sign on the door of the women’s bathroom.


We arrived at the Break Pad to get the instructions for the Poker Run and to meet and greet our fellow riders


A $5 entry fee proved to net me $44 in second place with three 10s. But the ride was the thing! I loved it. And had great company.



Over 120km. A great group ride and perfect weather.

The only downside was the crack sealing of the highway going on during the ride into the valley. Sand everywhere. Ugh. Nothing beats a morning of sand blasting on a bike first thing in the morning.

But the rest of the day made up for it.

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