Just a little bit of insight into me.  If you haven’t already guess, I am passionate about riding my motorcycle.  I love to ride.  And yes – it is my passion.  My motorcycle takes me places I would never have gone without it.  I am not sure about you, but when I am passionate about something, I find it just natural to find someone who is equally as passionate to share this with.  Whether it be a family member, friend, or sometimes a stranger.

Imagine my disappointment that when I discover that some people I come into contact with are trying to target me to make money.  I use an example.  There is a person who contacted me via facebook who I thought was a motorcycle enthusiast.  Granted they probably are in their own definition, but the disappointing part was that it because very apparent very quickly that this woman just wanted to network in order to make money.  Oh, I know I am sounding a tad ridiculous – it is just that I found myself thinking this person had the same interests and the same values.  Sad really.  But a learning experience for me.

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