Day 1 – Ride 1

What a way to start a vacation! The sun is shining, the sky is clear and it promises to be a scorcher in the city ~ that is if I were staying in the city.

I was scheduling a bit of a foray by myself, instead I was tagged on a ride to Gold River and decided to jump in.

(As an aside, for those of you who do not know, I am temporarily situated in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada helping cover over a maternity leave. The leave was supposed to be from Dec 2012 to Dec 2103. Due to complications – I started at the end of October 2012. Not only a bit of a fast track and a little bit of an upset in my home life – but on the upside it also opened up some very nice roads in the North Vancouver Island Area.)

Gold River, BC is a beautiful little place which has suffered some hard times lately with the closing of the mill – but has survived due to its beauty and is now slowly being reinvented as a ‘summer’ spot or tourist location for those who like quiet little communities and access to deep water fishing. Most notably Salmon – Spring, Coho and Pinks. Well worth a look-see at least once in a bikers life just for the sake of the road in all by itself.  It’s a paved old logging road.  That means twistees and some technical corners with some gorgeous scenery – unfortunately sometimes it distracts the rider from the road – and with this one you REALLY have to keep your eyes on the road!

Highway 28 leaves Campbell River and snakes its way through the mountains to the junction where you can turn to Gold River and continue on to Tahsis.  The log snakes around a huge lake as well so it provides a rider with a great deal of variety  – but watch out! There are quite a few corners with tightening trajectories that will provide you with some ‘pucker’ moments if you aren’t on your game.  Add to that, cell phone coverage stops shortly outside of Campbell River and only picks up in Gold River in certain spots in town.

We left at around 12:15 and arrived around 1:30 in a group of 12.  A stop at the big Elk in Strathcona Park is a must just to have a big of a butt break and stretch to enjoy the scenery.  Continuing on, we decided to forego stopping for lunch at the Piper on the Ridge Pub due to the fact that it tends to be a popular place on hot sunny days for motorcyclists and the service tends to slow down considerably.  Instead we went to the Gold River Golf Course where the service was fast – even with a group of 12.  We arrived at approx. 1:30 and promptly starting rearranging tables to suit our needs (it’s a biker thing) and made ourselves at home.  A late lunch of crab cakes (which were delicious), Caesar salad and garlic toast served on a platter set me back $11.95.  Not bad!  And the staff were great.  Muffin, the server, survived our harassment and was prompt with the food.  Definitely a ‘must-go-again’ lunch stop.

The only downside is that the road in to the Golf Club is not paved.  As a qualifier though – it is hard pack so it’s easy to negotiate.



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