The waiting game

Today was the Vancouver bike show. Although I have a new bike, it’s always good to take a look at the new models and get the deals on clothing. With that in mind, we took the charter bus over to the show. The 4:10am start time was a bit of an effort, but letting someone else worry about the driving and the parking was worth every penny. That being said, one of the drawbacks of living on an island is, we are dependant on a ferry to get to and from the mainland. And when the ferry doesn’t go, then we become a captive audience.

This morning the plan was to catch the 6:30 – then it broke down. So we ended up waiting at the ferry terminal until the 8:30. That put us to the bike show at 11am instead if 9:30am. Then on the return voyage, the 5:00pm ferry didn’t run and we were held at the terminal until the 7:00 pm ferry.
It’s called living on an island.





On the upside, it was a gorgeous day with Mt Baker putting in a gorgeous show in the sun.

It was an adventure.

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