30 day Blogging Challenge – Day 11

Favourite Foods.

I think, looking over the list this will either be the toughest post or the easiest post I’ve ever had.

The toughest because there is not enough room to list it all and the easiest because I could just type the word


lol.. But then that would be too easy and defeat the purpose of the ‘challenge’.

My favourite foods are the fresh ones.  Fresh salads and veggies – pastas and things no so much anymore. (it’s an age thang).  More than anything though – I know that seafood will be my undoing.  I love all manners of seafood.  When my husband and I lived on a remote section of the BC coast, my poor husband lived in fear of what I was going to cook next because invariably my question would be “…but can we eat it?”

I love trying new things and investigating new little places to eat.  Some people don’t like to experiment with new restaurants – I do.

So.. how’s that for an answer/non-answer for this challenge? LOL





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