An apology

My dear followers – I will issue my apologies now.. Due to the Olympics I have been remiss in posting as much as I usually do.  Call it national pride or the lack of energy due to 3:55am wake up calls to watch my country’s involvement.  Whatever  you call it – I and my fellow countryman apologize for our country grinding to a halt and the odd hours of energy drains on the powergrid..

It’s 4:42am on the West Coast of Canada and men’s hockey is on…

gotta go…..


One comment

  1. Goodness, no apologies!
    First, because … it’s the Winter Olympics!! That’s enough for me!
    Second, because blogging should be about what moves you to post (at least in my opinion). It is a time consuming thing for sure, so it should always be a fun time consuming thing!
    Enjoy those games and Go Canada!!


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