Blogging Challenge – Day 27

What’s in my closet?

Clothes. And scarves. I love scarves. Shiny ones and colourful ones. Short ones and long ones. Girly ones and ones with skulls and crossbones. Quite a while ago I discovered that people aren’t that observant. You can wear the same thing over and over again and as long as you change your scarves – they think you have a closet full of new clothes. It’s a true story. Try it some time.

On another front = leather.. Oh how I love leather. Just the feel of it and the smell of it. There is a standing joke that you’ll never see an animal activist walk into the middle of a gang of bikers and throw red paint at them for wearing leather – but you’ll see them bravely walk into the middle of socialites and thrown paint on their mink coats. Oh wait! I think I”m showing my age when I say something like that. lol.

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