“The Gift”

Every year on Christmas morning, our family gathers in the living room to open Christmas presents and oh and ah over what is given and what is received.
Most years, my son is designated postman and it is his job to deliver one gift at a time to each recipient. That way everyone has the opportunity to see what everyone else got.
Over the years I’ve noticed that, even though each gift is received and admired for the thought and effort the giver has gone to in picking said gift out, there is always one gift that stands out amongst all the rest.

This year, although I can’t stress enough how much all the other gifts are appreciated, it would have to be the gift my son have to my husband and I.


Made by hand (and sometimes those are the best kind), it is a replica motorcycle complete with moving wheels. Bits and pieces welded together to depict clutch, front brake, seat, headlight, even foot pegs – this one is my favourite of this year.




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