Gaiman, Argentina – A Welsh cream tea

Sturgis Chick


One of the places that’s been on my “list” for a while is a Welsh village in Argentina. There are several Welsh settlements in Argentina and even more than one to choose from on the east coast where we are now. Both Trelew and Gaiman, especiallythe latter, are known for Welsh influences left from the original settlers of this area who arrived a century and a half ago. We hope to stop for a day or two and enjoy a cream tea, a full tea service complete with sweet cakes and sandwiches.


Trelew is a bit bigger town so we head to the smaller village of Gaiman, about 10 miles in from Ruta 3, which lies in a river valley filled with small farms. I see signs for tea houses before we arrive. Because of their poor luck, and our good luck, our friends from Song of the Road (Sam…

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