Who I’m Not!!

So … in the last little while I’ve been on a low simmer. And disgusted with myself about the fact that I’m starting to sound more and more like a curmudgeon.  Yes. Me a curmudgeon.  About what you might ask?

Well frankly about women motorcycle riders.  It seems that in the past little while women in droves have discovered motorcycling.  And in droves we woman have demanded (if you read the stats), pink motorcycle gear, sparkles, automatic transmissions, gear that colour coordinates our gear to our motorcycles and ‘pretty’ gear….    WTH?!?!?!??!?!?!?

Excuse me for upsetting the norm BUT….

#1 – I hate pink.. Let me say this again and please read my lips = I HATE PINK.  And NO WHERE in my motor vehicle handbook does it say that all my gear needs to be pink.

#2 – Although it might seem alluring and ‘all right’ for certain audiences – I will never buy a motorcycle because an advertiser has some busty blonde is stretched out in crotch less panties on a cruiser.  You want to attract me with sex appeal?  Show me stats.  Show me torque. Show me revs. Show me HP.  Show me power bands.  Show me lean ratio.  Show me handling power and how to scrap the boards.

#3 – Depicting the scenario that only blonde, single,  buxom, younger than 20 woman are the only ones that ride is a disservice to our gender and down right bad marketing.  I recently watched a video that states that the women motorcycle market is in excess of 22 million dollars.

In the past couple of years I’ve seen a wave of women who treat their bikes like they are fashion accessories.  Red bike means red riding gear. etc.  icky.  yuck.. make me retch.

Guess what?  I’m none of the above.

I’m over 50. Under five foot 3″.   I’m married.  I love to ride…and once behind the bars I ride hard.  (read this one carefully – and try and keep up) Antithesis of sexy, I know.  But I have money. I have freedom and I am a force to be reckoned with.  Oh… and I’m a lifer.  If I’m not good enough for  your brand – I’ll walk out of your showroom with a fistful of my own cash to spend the way I deem fit faster than you can spit.

The gauntlet is down.

And I love to ride – in fact I can’t see myself not riding


It’s in my blood.. Try and keep up boys!

One comment

  1. There is nothing quite as humbling as being out ridden by a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go out and get it.

    There should be more of it i say. Great post!


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