Day 5 

Missoula to Billings, Mt

August 2, 2015

Morning moon in Montana

6am and I can already hear the bikes rumbling down the highway.  


We had breakfast in the hotel. Then hit the road.  

Leaving Missoula we saw the sign for the testicle festival. That gave us a bit of a laugh.  
Stopped at the rest stop just outside of Missoula. It was chillier than I expected because of the smoke from the east side of the Rockies.  The forest fires are colouring the air making it smokey and my mouth tastes like soot.  It’s at times like this that I am thankful for my neck scarf.  Pulled up over my mouth it makes things easier sometimes. 


 Because the sun couldn’t penetrate the particulates it didn’t actually get warmer until around 10:30 – 11am. I didn’t take off some of my extra layers until until we stopped and noon. 

The bikes ran well except I think I have a electrical problem with my bike. I checked the manual and what I thought was a security warning light or a warning telling me I was lugging the engine is actually trying to tel me that I’m having a charging issue. The over charging warning light flickers  on then offand when it goes on the highlighted number six that shows which gear I’m in goes out as well.  

Arrived to a bit of a love-in with the hotel in billings. Our room wasn’t ready so they gave us another room only for us to discover that it was occupied. Then they upgraded us to yet another room. The upgrade smelled like stale cigarettes, didn’t have a fridge and the TV wouldn’t work. 
Long days ride today on I-90. Around 550 Km’s n freeway traffic.  Always nerve wracking 


I’ve discovered a way to record where we stopped without having to buy tshirts along the way. Gotta hand it to Harley Davidson. They are the masters of marketing. Each Harley Dealership has poker chips with the dealerships name on it. Inexpensive and taking up little to no room. Brilliant!

Repeated our educational session on gluten intolerance at supper.  
In a quandary. I’m too sober to put up withthis $hit but I never drink and ride. I think I will just stay in my helmet as much as I can. Thank God for earplugs. 

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