Ode to the Full Throttle


I count myself lucky sometimes. Lucky to be able to do something that I’m passionate about – namely riding my motorcycle (or motorbike  if you are on the other side of the pond.) and lucky enough the my passion has taken me to some pretty cool places.  

Some of you have been following my latest adventure that took me into South Dakota and specifically to Sturgis for the 75th Anniversary gathering ( a truly wild time worth every minute).  And one of my posts will talk about my brief foray into the Full Throttle Saloon.  It was by far the most uniqueabnd awe enspiring bars I’ve ever had the luck of visiting.  It reminded me of what the set of Beyond Thunderdome – mad max and tina turner version – would have looked like in real life.  Midget wresting.  The cage. Skywalks and ziplines in the bar. Tattoo artists and moonshine distillery.  Wild in every sense of the word.  

Why I mention this in it’s very own post is because news this morning said that a fire had started just after midnight in the legendary establishment and the entire structure had burned to the ground.  A shock and a tragedy.  No one was hurt  which was a very good thing, but in my mind I remember all the wonderful one-of-a-kind things that decorated the wallls, ceilings, fans, the jackalope, the  historical bikes, antique machines, skeletons in the semi cabs – well…. i could go on and on.  Needless to say – it was world famous for a reason.  



Truly a sight to behold and a legend. 

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