The Dangers

Over the past few years, motorcycling has become more and more popular.  I’m not sure if it’s because of a series of factors like A) the kids grew up and now finally there is a bit of money left over to revisit the toys of youth. B) Sons of Anarchy made it look cool and some people grow balls as soon as they put on leather. C) It’s the new fad for looking cool. D) It’s something people have always wanted to try.

For as many people embarking on a maiden voyage of motorcycling, there are others who feel it their obligation to share the knowledge that motorcycling is dangerous.  Duh!

If anyone should already know how dangerous motorcycling is, it’s the people who actually ride them.

Yet,  there are still people out there that take it upon themselves to inform me as to how dangerous motorcycling is. These are people that have never ridden, and will never ride as they so state. My response to them is to look them straight in the eye, and say to them: “Then thank you so very much for being one of the few car drivers that will look out for me as much as I look out for you. Because we both know that when YOU screw up I die!”

Then I smile and walk away.

‘Nuff said.

Ride on!


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