Snow banks as tall as the bike!


 I finally broke down and bought insurance yesterday. Then just as I was gearing up to take the seasons maiden voyage – it started raining.  Sigh

The reason why I’ve been Jonesing pretty badly is because this week was forecast for rain and instead, it’s been warm and sunny.   But today I had had it!   I jumped on the bike, determined that I was going to go for a spin.  For pity’s sake I’ve had a brand new bike sitting in the garage with under 400km on her side Oct of last year.  Time to break that 400 mark. 

I jump on the bike shortly after 10am and bombed out to the Taylor Flats rest stop – a good first ride.   Only 40km one way. The roads were remarkably free of winter debris and crap until the turn off to the rest stop.  Then the sand that road crews laid down over the ice and snow of winter became apparent. Nothing like getting your heart racing than turning off the highway at 30km and land in 1/2 inch of gravel on a corner.   I successfully navigated the corners though and parked strategically in front of one of the snowbanks with the intention of taking a picture.  Unfortunately as soon as I got my phone out I discovered  time sensitive messages from work – and here I was 20 out of cellphone range.   Photos forgotten I jumped back on the bike and ran back to the halfway mark to insure I hadn’t missed a call.  😞

Still – at least I was able to get out.  It’s the small things that count.  


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