2016 recording

Every year I choose a ride journal to record all my travels, destinations and pictures that are taken during the yearly riding season.  They usually work great at the begining of the year – then midway through their flaws begin to show.   Most of the past journals have been bound books.  Great at first, then with me adding my gas receipts and pictures taken, brochures, or momentoes they quickly begin to become difficult to contain, burst apart, or just plain don’t work.  

This year I’m trying something different. A quick Amazon search of journals pointed me in the direction of a binder style book.   The binder is an obvious shortcoming – but one that isn’t unknown or without existing solutions to the problem. (Eg paper tearing out – easily solved with glued reinforcements that can be added. ).  

So I’ve invested in the $9 journal and started the season with it.   I’ll let you know how things progress



One comment

  1. I keep a log/journal also to record my motorcycle trips. I take a small digital recorder on the bike with me and and keep notes along the way. Then in the evening after I stop for the night I listen to my notes and put them in the journal.


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