Getting ready to embark on a week long bike camping trip with a friend.  This is what the prep looks like. 

Note to self:  never sample Jack Daniels and pack. I STILL have no idea why the Christmas cards are included in the prepackaging for the trip. Or the bag of flour.  

Luckily I usually give myself a day or two to evaluate and unpack things I don’t need. 

Because it is a motorcycle camping trip in the Interior of BC  it puts me in bit of a quandary because we do not have a vehicle to lock the food into in case of bears. This means there will be no food, utensils, or cooking pots anywhere on the motorcycles or in the campsites. It’s just way too much of a bear attractant when we are in grizzly bear country.

Side Note:  tents are commonly called “zip lock snack bags for grizzlies”.  Think about it. 😉


  1. I installed a door frame once with Jack….. Had to go back and square it all up the next day 😉

    Hope your trip is safe memorable.



  2. Oh I look forward to hearing about your trip! I’ve done alot of traveling on the bike, but not yet camped. Sounds wonderful!
    Between Jack and the Christmas Cards, this post made me smile!


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