Hello,Old Friend

I seem to have an ongoing theme with this blog.  “Why did I start writing here?”

I think I started because I wanted to write in order to connect with other riders – near and far. I am usually a very private and quiet person.  Then I started to read other blogs and somewhere along the way I felt like I was connecting with other riders.  Their experiences.  Their challenges.  Their struggles. And yes, their laughs along the way.

You see, when I first started riding, there was many very heated discussions as to what it means to be a ‘real’ biker/rider.  There was a segment of the population that stated some absolute truths:

You can’t be a rider/biker if you were a woman.  You can’t be a rider/biker if you don’t ride in the rain.  You can’t be a rider/biker if you do not ride your bike all the time.  You can’t be a rider/biker if you …….. if you… you can’t … you can’t…

So with all the local “you aren’t”..” you can’t”… I began sharing photos/memes and stories in this blog.  And in the process I found other blogs.  Other writers and riders.  Others who loved riding and traveling the same way I did.

Then somewheree along the way I began to develop favourites.  Had I met these people?  No.  Would I ever have a hope of meeting them? Probably not. Did I know where they were from? Not all of them but I connected with their writing and their tales.  It is almost as if I have unintentionally made friends with people over this vast network who have the same passions that I have.

These days I find myself pouring over my ‘follows’ list and those blogs I read on a regular basis and am more than a bit surprised when  I realize I have not heard from some of my ‘regulars’.

I suppose I must plead guilty to the fact that I read blogs but I do not press “like” or make a comment.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t read your blog – it just means that sometimes I forget because I get wrapped up in your tales.  Especially when I am in my ‘winter weather’ seasons.

I guess that is what it is all about, isn’t it?   Connecting and letting you help make my ‘out of the saddle’ time easier to pass.

Anyways, this post is just to say – whenever you think people do not notice your absence….. you  are wrong.

You are missed.  And when you write I get happy and want to rush over and say “Hello! Old friend I am so glad you are still here! Please write more.  I would love to hear from you more often. ”

Silly isn’t it?




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